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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests from this week:

  • Please pray for God's healing for Gayle Fritz's parents, Willie and Brian Walker, diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID.
  • Please pray for strength and healing for Mark Fisher, having surgery on Friday. 
  • Prayers of strength and healing for Gloria Keller, friend of Maggie Rockey, facing serious heart health issues.
  • Prayers of comfort for Bonnie Petersilge and her mother, at the loss of her stepfather, Alvin Bruder. 
  • Strength and healing for David Neher's father.

Prayer Requests from September 12:

  • Gary O'Neill traveling to Louisiana to provide emotional and spiritual support to Hurricane Ida victims.
  • Peace and comfort for the Mitchel family as Ann Mitchel is taken off life support. 
  • Please pray for healing for Sherri Hall's uncle & aunt, Bob and Diane Baily, hospitalized with COVID.
  • Prayers of strength for Chris Sorensen's friend, Apryl Wolfe, who started chemotherapy this week.
  • The Holt family, as their son-in-law, Zach, just finished chemotherapy. Prayers for a clean scan in two weeks and good results on his test to check his lymph nodes.
  • The Wentworth and Bell families, mourning the loss of Norm’s older sister, Maureen Wentworth, who departed her earthly home on 9/4 to be in Heaven with Nancy her daughter, Mom, and Dad. 



If you would like to submit a prayer request, please email Communications Manager, Amy Elder, at