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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests from this week:

  • Please pray for Karen Critchley, diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Please pray for healing and strength for Jerry Hedberg in Wake Med Hospital with COVID.
  • Guidance and support for Kristen Hobbie, who has an important work meeting on Thursday. 
  • Strength and healing for Frank Bokoski, friend of Jenny Case, who suffered a stroke over the weekend.
  • Please pray for healing and hope for a mom, daughter and sister to find the PEACE, LOVE and HOPE of Jesus Christ and to find forgiveness in her heart.

Prayer Requests from January 16:

  • Please pray for strength and healing for Harry Hubbard, who has a blood clot on his lung.
  • Comfort and peace for Dee Rassmussen and family as they mourn the sudden death of her brother, Robert “Bucky” Miller. 
  • Please pray for Lyal Weaver, friends of the Bowling family, diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Strength and healing for Jim Thomas, nephew of the Berglunds, as he has developed large blood clots in his legs. Prayers for a successful procedure and continual healing from cancer.  
  • Comfort and peace for Rob Varner's uncle, Roy Johnson, who entered into hospice care today. 
  • Healing for Teri Torres, daughter of Steve and Janice Mortensen, in the hospital.
  • Strength and healing for Carlin O'Brien's family, Cindi Vaughn, Brent & Kaylen Vaughn, diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Pray for David Critchley, diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Strength and healing for Jerry Garlington.
  • Strength and healing for Ron & Shirley Thompson, diagnosed with COVID. 
  • Comfort and peace for the family of Annette Wacker, who passed away yesterday.
  • Please pray for Kristen Hobbie's friend, Brissa, struggling while hospitalized with COVID.
  • Strength and healing for Steve Kilpatrick, son of Andy Barrett's friend, diagnosed with COVID. 

 If you would like to submit a prayer request, please email Communications Manager, Amy Elder, at