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Preschool Centers

We are working, playing,and discovering in our own way in learning centers each day!!

Children are naturally curious; therefore, experiences that allow them to touch, hear, see, taste, and smell help children realize their full potential. The room is organized so that the children may comfortably and freely move through the various centers of the room at their will. They have the opportunity to explore and experience at their own pace and level of interest.

  • Blocks: In the block center, children are developing math concepts and motor skills. They are also learning how to share and work with friends. 
  • Manipulatives: Playing with puzzles and manipulative materials, children are developing eye-hand coordination and learning to complete tasks.
  • Library: In the library, children are learning to love books and practice reading skills.
  • Music: As children play instruments and sing, they express themselves and develop listening and language skills. Music just makes everyone feel good!!
  • Art: The aft center gives children the opportunity to develop their creativity and express themselves.  As they experiment and have fun, they are also developing social skills and small muscles.
  • Dramatic Play: When children pretend and dress-up, they learn how to be a mommy, daddy, doctor, teacher, or police officer. Dramatic play also fosters language and social skills.
  • Outdoors: On the playground, preschoolers are releasing energy, developing strength, coordination, and a healthy body. Children love playing outside with friends! 
  • Science: Preschoolers observe, experiment, predict, and discover new things in the science area - just like real scientists!!
  • Math: The Math Center develops problem-solving skills and gives me hands-on experiences in counting, comparing, patterning, and measuring. 
  • Writing: The writing center has lots  of interesting materials to learn how to write stories, letters, books, and more!

For a complete Hope Lutheran Preschool Curriculum Guide, please contact Regina Fisher, Preschool Director at   or 919-453-0388.