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Why Bother?

Posted by Wayne Puls on

“I’m not sure there’s anything I can do to help.”

 “I don’t feel that my efforts could possibly make a difference.”

 “Why bother?”

Have you ever expressed such a thought, verbally or non-verbally? Sometimes we see people who are apparently in need, and we don’t really know how to help. Often the suffering and pain that we see in the world is shattering, overwhelming, and we end up feeling totally inadequate. Discouragement, or disinterest, can easily stop us from getting involved.

“Why bother?”

Here’s why. 

We never know how great an impact our simple words and humble actions may make in the lives of others. And when almighty God is at work through our words and actions –
and he promises to do so! – astonishing things happen.

This month hundreds of our low-income neighbors will be coming to Hope’s Touched By Hope event, on November 4. What can you do? Sign up (quickly!), show up, and you may be the tool God uses to convey much-needed hope to a struggling soul.

Last month I went with nine other Hope men on a mission trip to Fort Meyers, Florida, to help victims of Hurricane Irma. We spent five days cutting downed trees, hauling logs, and dragging branches. It wasn’t glamorous work, and it seemed never-ending. When we left Florida, there were still plenty of downed trees. But the work we did was a blessing in the minds and hearts of several stressed, careworn homeowners. “You’re a gift from God,” one tearful woman proclaimed. Another told us, “I have always believed strongly in the Body of Christ. And here it is, the Body of Christ in action, on my front lawn.”

“Why bother?” Get involved, and you’ll find out!


In Christ’s always-active love,

Pastor Wayne Puls



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