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What's The Difference?

Posted by Wayne Puls on

Imagine you’re sitting in an airport terminal, waiting for a delayed flight. You pull out your Bible, and start reading. A stranger sits down across the aisle from you, and notices you reading. “Excuse me, are you a Christian?” she asks. “I’m not really religious myself, but I’ve always wondered what your religion is all about. Can you tell me what the difference is between Christianity and other religions?”

You have an amazing opportunity to share your faith. But here’s the catch. Her flight boards in five minutes. You have only five minutes to tell her about Christianity. What will you say?

  • Hopefully, introduce her to Jesus, telling her who he is, and what you love about him.
  • Go on to describe what God has done for her in the death and resurrection of his Son.
  • Tell her about God’s free gift of salvation which he gives to us, a gift we cannot earn or deserve.
  • You’re not likely to use deep theological vocabulary, but you’ll be sharing the doctrine of justification, the very essence of your Christian faith.
  • Make sure she hears that Christ gave his life on the cross as payment for her sins, and that God will forgive all who trust and believe in him.
  • Let her know that Christianity is the one religion in which God comes to humans with his help, rather than humans struggling to find their way to him.

The above scenario is an interesting scenario, isn’t it? Are you prepared? Do you know what you’d say? Take some time (five short minutes) today to give this a try. Then pray that God gives you some opportunity to help another soul come to faith in Christ Jesus, our saving Lord.

Know the difference!


In Christ,

Pastor Wayne Puls (with help from Pastor Lew Upchurch)



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