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Our Church Blog - Thank You from the Scott Family

Thank You from the Scott Family

Posted by Hope Lutheran Church on

To say that my family and I are grateful for the time that we got to spend with all of you over the last year is a giant understatement, to say the least. Our year at Hope was spent with so many opportunities to see the love of Christ shine in each of you and leaving was especially difficult for us. 

On our way back to St. Louis, I asked a close friend of mine at the seminary if it’s normal to feel this sad when you leave a congregation.  His response really stuck with me.  What he said was that love hurts.  If you love your people, leaving them is going to hurt.  I can honestly say that over the last year, you’ve shown my family and I love time and time again.  And through your example, I’ve learned what Christ-like love looks like.  Hopefully, I’ve learned how to show that kind of love through my time with you.

The Scotts grew during our time with you.  There’s no doubt about it.  We grew in faith, and in love towards Christ, one another, and all of you.  And we aren’t great at goodbyes either, which makes something like this especially hard to write.  So instead, I just want to say thank you.  For everything you taught us as a family, and me personally as your vicar, thank you.  For your Christ-like example, and dedication to service and mission, thank you.  For each act of generosity, for the laughs and tears that we shared together, for each smile, hug, and handshake, thank you.  We love you guys. 

In Christ,

Kevin, Sam, and Bear Scott  


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