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Posted by Wayne Puls on

As the years go by in my life, one of the things I’ve had to give up —reluctantly! — is playing team sports. For several decades, I played all sorts of team sports, and enjoyed them all. But my bones and joints are telling me to slow down, and find different ways to exercise and have fun. So I’m not running around on the softball field, or hacking people in the basketball court, anymore. I still try to get plenty of exercise, but it’s different now. I miss the excitement and challenge of playing the sports I love.

What I miss most, though is the camaraderie and fellowship that comes from being a teammate. I’ve made many great friendships through team sports. I find myself missing being on the court or field with teammates.

I tell you this not to complain, or whine, about my life. I tell you this because I want you to know how fortunate and blessed I really am. Even though I’m not playing any team sports these days, I am still an active part of a fantastic, brilliant, enjoyable, talented team every single day!

Every time I walk into our church, I am thankful to be part of our team at Hope. We have a wonderful collection of God’s people in this church. I enjoy working with my staff colleagues every day. I love partnering in ministry with dedicated church members, young and old. I appreciate meeting all the new people who are visiting our church, and considering joining our team.

God has given us a mission to carry out here at Hope, and he provides rich and varied ministry opportunities for us constantly. Bringing people to Christ, and helping them come to saving faith in Savior, is joyous work for the people of our church. I appreciate the focus, the dedication, the leadership, the generosity, and the willingness of the Christian teammates in our congregation.

I feel powerfully-blessed to part of the Hope team. I hope you do, too!


Following Christ’s game plan,
Pastor Wayne Puls


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