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Mission Team

Posted by Wayne Puls on with 1 Comments

Joel is part of the church’s chainsaw team, recently deployed to Louisiana.
Fran teaches Sunday School.
Brian sings in the church choir.
Jeanine serves Communion during worship services.
Silas has left a bequest to the church in his will.
Sally takes time every week to welcome visitors at worship services.
Charlie prays every day for the church’s community ministries.

Each in their own way, these folks are all part of the mission team here at Hope Lutheran Church.

Wait a minute? Isn’t the mission team a group of church members who go off on servant events and mission trips? Yes … but, in the most important sense of the word “mission,” every member of our church is actually a part of Hope’s mission team.

Our Lord and Savior has commissioned his church to tackle a crucially-important task. Just as Jesus did when he was walking on the earth, Christians like us have the Christ-given responsibility to make disciples for the Lord. So we teach, preach, baptize, witness, serve, care, invite … all in the name of Jesus. All as part of the mission Jesus has given to us! There are a great many ways to participate in the mission team, and our loving God has equipped you, in special ways, to join in.

Would you say that you are an active part of the mission team at Hope? If not, would you like to be? Can you identify a way or two that you have been a part of the mission team recently? Are you using your time, talents, and treasures to help this church accomplish the mission God has given us?

Here’s my simple request for you today. Take a couple of minutes, and jot down a list of ways that you have been participating in Hope’s mission team. Then pray, and talk to your Lord, about that list. Ask God, humbly, to bless the work and service that you render in his name. If you’d like some help finding a way to be more active on the mission team, let me know if I can help, or talk to any of Hope’s pastors and DCE’s.

May Christ bless you, and every member of Hope’s wonderful mission team!

Pastor Wayne Puls


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Dennis Holzschuh Nov 2, 2021 9:18am

I would like to be more active but for each event that you have sent out a call for I have had a prior commitment. I also would like to get more training if the opportunity presents itself. As well I would like to participate in field work but the more advance notice I have to participate the better off I am. Thank you