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Our Church Blog - How Long Is This Going To Last?

How Long Is This Going To Last?

Posted by Wayne Puls on with 2 Comments

“How long is this going to last?” One of the hardest things about what’s going on in our lives these days is the uncertainty about when life’s going to get back to normal. “When are we going to be able to function routinely?” None of us knows. We listen to the commentators, health officials, and government leaders; but they can’t know for sure, either. We seem to be settling into an indefinite period of waiting.

People of faith know a thing or two about waiting. God’s people have had to wait many times, and for many reasons. The ancient Israelites waited for the promised Messiah. Since Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, Christians have been waiting for his return. Individual believers have waited for answers to prayer, waited for rescue, waited for healing.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27:14).

The psalm writer, David, expresses a tremendous range of high emotions in the twenty-seventh psalm. He exults in the greatness of his God. He expresses great confidence in the face of enemy attack. David ruminates on his love for the house of God. He pleads with God for help and deliverance. He begs God not to desert him. Then, in the final verse, he seems to calm himself and settle his emotions by reminding himself to “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

For many Americans, and for many Hope members, emotions may be running all over the place, just like for David. It’s frustrating to have to live in uncertainty. “How long? When?” We don’t have those answers. As people of faith, though, we put our trust in the One who has all the answers, the One who knows the timetables of our lives.

So “be strong and take heart,” trusting that God is very much a part of all that’s happening. “Wait for the Lord,” believing confidently that he will continue to guide and guard his people faithfully … no matter how long it takes for life to return to normal. God is good, all the time!


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elaine willers Mar 26, 2020 8:51am

Thank you for this message!!

Diane Ryals Mar 27, 2020 2:09pm

Amen and thank you for your words they mean a lot to us please stay safe