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Our Church Blog - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Posted by Wayne Puls on with 4 Comments

It's the classic, common greeting for this season, right? With the familiar words, we wish our families, friends, and neighbors all good things, much happiness, and lots of blessings in the new year ahead. "Happy New Year" expresses positive thinking, high hopes, and lofty expectations for the twelve months that are just beginning.

No matter how many new years you've experienced in your life so far, I'm certain that by now you know that no single year will ever be completely happy, or 100% trouble-free. Will 2022 be a happy year, in every way, for any of us? Will 2022 bring blessings, and only blessings, to you and yours? I am pretty sure you know the answer to those questions.

As people of faith and followers of Jesus Christ, we are definitely not exempt from life's struggles and challenges, in any year. But, living under God's grace as we do, perhaps we can measure happiness in a way that's different from non-believers. Having a trusting relationship with God, the Lord and Ruler of our lives, changes everything. Knowing God's limitless power and endless capacity, experiencing God's boundless love and compassion, leaning on the free forgiveness and salvation that Christ has brought us, seeking God's will for our lives, and learning to follow his plan instead of our own -- these are life-changing, perspective-altering experiences. Living a life of faith really does help us find happiness and contentment in our lives, even when all our ducks are not in a perfect row.

When I wish you a "Happy New Year," here's what I'm wishing for you. I wish you a year that is filled with faith, trust, and hope. I wish for you that your confidence in God may grow, and that your relationship with him may be closer than ever. I wish for you that you may treasure the spiritual blessings God provides you in 2022 above any of the things of the world. I wish for a year in which you consistently turn to the Lord, and rely on his help, when challenges and adversities rise before you. I wish for you that God may challenge you, stretch you, guide you, and enrich you in the year ahead, and that you'll boldly trust his ways in your life. I wish for you that Christ Jesus may live in you every day, and that his Holy Spirit may be a constant strength and comfort.

A very "Happy New Year" to you!

In Christ,

Pastor Wayne Puls


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Lynda Dec 31, 2021 4:58pm

Thank you for this truthful, needed message... it's my hope as well for you and Colleen ❣️

Donna Correia Jan 1, 2022 9:47am

Thank you
I will make a copy of this and pass it on!

Todd Elder Jan 3, 2022 12:48pm

I love this message! Thank you Pastor.

Marcia Hughes Jan 17, 2022 4:35am

Thank you Pastor Puls for a wonderful and meaningful message straight from your heart! I wish the same for you and yours! I also pray that our Lord and Savior keeps us all safe in His loving care…