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Our Church Blog - Faith In Christ Is a Gift of God

Faith In Christ Is a Gift of God

Posted by Wayne Puls on

As pastors of a big, busy church, we get involved in all sorts of projects. Not long ago, we suited up and hopped on these construction vehicles. We thought we were being helpful. We were advised, though, to stick with what we know. Actually, one of us (Pastor Wayne Puls) used to operate a backhoe back in the day, but he’s a little out of practice. So, yes, we’ve decided to stick with what we know.

What do we know? We’d like to share several essentials with you today.

  • We know that through our faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have peace with God.
  • We know that we live in troubled and challenging times, and that true, lasting peace is impossible to find in this world.
  • We know that we fall short in God’s eyes each and every day, and that we can’t be at peace with him on our own.
  • We know that we don’t have all the answers, as pastors; but we rely on God’s Word where he speaks clearly about his saving work and eternal purposes for all people.

We know these things and hopefully you do too. But we also know that people can be forgetful. Take, for example, how we actually have peace with God. Christians might say that it is only through faith in Christ that we have that peace. But how quickly we forget when we start to question our commitment to Jesus. Maybe we start to ask ourselves questions like, “Do I really believe,” or “Am I really his disciple?” We’ve all been there at times. But such questions, even with the best of intentions, take our eyes off Jesus and his work for us and place them on ourselves. How quickly we forget!

Pastor Wayne & Pastor Lew
Hope Lutheran Church


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