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Our Church Blog - Congregational Loan Retirement

Congregational Loan Retirement

Posted by Wayne Puls on

Last month, the members of Hope had a mini-celebration, as the note from our congregation’s smallest loan (a bridge loan that was taken out during the construction years) was burned. Thanks to generous donors, and ongoing regular payments from our church budget, we have been able to pay this loan off completely, and ahead of schedule. Thanks be to God! 

We have a long way to go in paying off the remainder of our mortgage loans, which have helped to fund Hope’s beautiful property and buildings little by little, though, the faithful people of Hope are making it happen, with God’s help. Your weekly offerings help to provide Hope’s awesome ministry facilities, and your gifts are sincerely appreciated. God bless the ministry and people of Hope Lutheran Church, now and for generations to come.  


Pastor Wayne Puls



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