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Mission Team


Posted by Wayne Puls on

Joel is part of the church’s chainsaw team, recently deployed to Louisiana.Fran teaches Sunday School.Brian sings in the church choir.Jeanine serves Communion during worship services.Silas has left a bequest to the church in his will.Sally takes time every week to welcome visitors at...

Hope's Mission: To Wake Forest, And Beyond!

Posted by Wayne Puls on

Do you remember Buzz Lightyear's famous line in Toy Story? “To infinity, and beyond!” Here at Hope Lutheran Church, our version is, “To Wake Forest, and Beyond!” A source of great joy to me, on a regular basis, is the number of Hope ministries that are aimed at the...

Ready for Lent?

Posted by Wayne Puls on

If you’ve been worshipping at a Christian church for long, you probably have a pretty good idea of what Lent’s all about. We think of this forty-day season, which comes before Easter, as a penitential season. Lent is a time for Christians to reflect on our sinfulness. We consider the...

Moving Forward

Posted by Wayne Puls on

If you’ve been around Hope during the past month, you’ve probably seen our two Director of Christian Education (DCE) interns in action. Steve McCarthy & Wesley Spottiswood arrived in Wake Forest June 1, and they’re both off to a great start. They’re engaged in...

Peace of Mind

Posted by Wayne Puls on

I realize that I’m dating myself by saying this ... but I was listening to one of my old rock albums recently, and I heard the band Boston singing one of their big hits, “Peace of Mind.” The song talks about the complexities and hassles of modern life, and how hard it is to...

Veto Power!

Posted by Wayne Puls on

If you pay any attention to national or state politics, you certainly know what veto power means. Legislators create laws, but those laws don't go into effect unless the chief executive (president or governor) puts his/her signature on the law. If the chief executive decides to say "No" and...


Posted by Wayne Puls on

One of the unique features of our congregation is that Hope is very much community-focused. From its beginnings in 1996 as a mission church in Wake Forest, the people of Hope Lutheran Church have always been actively involved in the surrounding community. A strong community focus is still a...


Posted by Wayne Puls on

LENT SERMON SERIES...CHRISTCROSS You know the shape of the cross, right? You’ve seen plenty of crosses in your lifetime. You may even be wearing one around your neck right now, as a piece of jewelry. Or there might even be a cross hanging on the wall of the room that you’re in at...