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Asking For Directions

Posted by Wayne Puls on

As we start a brand-new year, 2019, let me share this old piece of religious humor that I read the other day.

Do you think that Moses led the Israelites through the desert for forty years because God was testing him, or because he wanted them to really appreciate the promised land when they finally got there, or because Moses refused to ask anybody for directions?

Cute, right? Actually, if you know your Bible, you know the correct answer is none of the above. But think with me for a moment about that last option in the question. We don’t really know if Moses refused to ask for directions. We certainly have to admit, though, that we all have a problem, at times, asking for directions.

I’m not just talking about how to get from here to there, or finding your way through a strange city. When it comes to making your way through life, making big decisions and little decisions, making choices about everyday matters, are you a person who tends to ask God for directions? Or a person who generally follows your own gut, and makes up your own mind?

As a new year begins, this is a good time to stop and make a really important resolution. It’s a simple one: pray more.

Ask God for more help. Lean on him a little bit more for directions, for counsel, for assistance in your decision-making, for aid in your choices, for guidance in the steps you take this year. The Lord promises to be there for you every day, and to listen to your every prayer. So take him up on those promises! Pray more this year.

Talk to God about your family, your job, your neighbors, your church, your sadnesses, your struggles, your joys, your nation, your health, and anything else that’s going on in your life. Be consistent, and find some time in your busy day. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, you’ll find it to be a positive, beneficial part of your day. Make 2019 a year for more prayer in your life!

Happy New Year!

Pastor Wayne Puls



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