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Adult Education

Sunday Mornings; 9:45-10:45AM
Every Sunday morning, there are opportunities for adults to grow in the Word of God. Current classes are listed below - visitors are always welcome!

The Ascension

Class Date: June 2
Location: Adult Education floor, room 301
Leader: Pastor Lew
The last thing we read in Luke’s Gospel, and one of the first things we read in the book of Acts, is that Jesus ascended into the sky after appearing to his disciples in his resurrected body. But what does Jesus’ ascension really mean for Christians today? It just might be more than you think!


Class Date: June 9-30
Location: Adult Education floor, room 301
Leaders: Jack Pizzolato & Pastor Lew
The Connections Bible study takes a more comprehensive look at the weekend’s sermon text and theme. Beginning on Pentecost, this month’s class will focus on the work of the Holy Spirit.