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Hope's New Logo

Hope Lutheran Church has been blessed with a wonderful location in a growing area! New neighborhoods and apartments are attracting lots of new people to Wake Forest and the surrounding communities. There are new restaurants, new stores, a new greenway system, and many new community events! While Hope is not exactly a “new” church, we are new to many who now call the Wake Forest area home.

  • To make sure that our focus is always on the people God is calling us to reach for Christ, Hope is launching a new logo! The colors are fresh and modern, and the cross communicates who we are as a church, and what’s important to our congregation.
  • The cross symbolizes Jesus Christ, who’s always at the heart and center of our church. Bringing people, young and old, to the cross to learn of Christ’s grace for them is a central activity of Hope.
  • The cross’ shape is similar to the shape of the distinctive wooden cross in our worship Sanctuary. Our life together at Hope revolves around our Word and Sacrament worship, where all are welcomed, forgiven, and called to mission.
  • The cross’ arms are open on each end, pointing the people of Hope outward. Christ commands us to “Go,” so that more people may know his great love for them.