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Lent, Holy Week, & Easter

Lent Sermon Series: Confession

Even though a big part of our daily lives as Christians should be Confession—the acknowledgment of our sins— we all wrestle with admitting to God that our sins distance ourselves from him, don’t we? But the Bible has a lot to say about Confession, both serious warning and encouraging promises. Our weekend and Wednesday night (7:00PM) sermon series during Lent 2020 is “Confession.” Join us for these important, life-related messages during this sacred season.

Holy Week & Easter

Although it’s heartbreaking, Hope’s worship services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday will be online this year. During Holy Week, we remember and commemorate the sacred events that form the very center of our Christian faith. Please be sure to join us for each of these special worship services on April 9, April 10, and April 12, as we recall the timeless story of Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection … for us! We’ll be incorporating some video elements in these services, as we try to keep some of our congregation’s beautiful Holy Week liturgical traditions alive in this unusual year. We pray that the body of Christ here at Hope will join together for these sacred days of worship.

  • Maundy Thursday
    April 9Service of Stripping of the Altar 
    As Jesus gathered with his disciples for a Last Supper before he was crucified, so we gather around the Lord’s Table on this holy night.
  • Good Friday
    April 10Tenebrae Service of Darkness
    One of the most moving and eloquent worship hours of the whole year. We hear the seven “Words from the Cross” that Jesus spoke, and remember soberly the suffering and torments of Calvary.
  • Easter Sunday
    April 12; Festival Service of Easter
    Hope’s celebration of the Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead will remind us all of the meaning and power of Easter for our everyday living as God’s people.