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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests from this week

  • Pray for a successful procedure for Carlin O'Brien's cousin, 9-month-old Adair West, having cochlear implant surgery tomorrow. 
  • Jenny Case's coworker who has tested positive for COVID. 
  • Strength and healing for Kathy Rupert's friend, Rae, having back surgery on Tuesday.
  • Strength and healing for Tara Vernuac's mother, Laura Arnone, who sustained a broken elbow and wrist from a fall and is awaiting surgery.
  • Peace and comfort for the Bowling and Ammons families at the death of Jud Ammons. 
  • Peace and comfort for Bob Sakowski at family at the death of his 98-year-old aunt, Anne McShea.

Prayer Requests from October 18

  • Janice Mortensen having knee surgery on Wednesday. Prayers are requested for the surgical staff, a quick recovery, and for her husband, Steve. 
  • Nancy Bender request prayers for her brother, Fred Schatz, undergoing treatment for stage 4 lung cancer and for her 99-year-old mother, who lives with Fred and is having a difficult time understanding and accepting the diagnosis.
  • Please pray for Crystal Rebollar, for a successful surgery on 10/20 to restore hearing in her right ear.
  • Pray for Ron and Barbara Beltran's son, who's recovering from COVIC-19.
  • Please continue to pray for Lois Nielsen, grieving the death of her husband, Bob. A funeral service will be held at Hope on Saturday, October 17, at 1:30 PM, and all are welcome. A private interment in the Columbarium will follow the service. 
  • Please pray for the Bowling's friend, Judd Ammons, hospitalized in the ICU and being treated for brain swelling. 
  • Please pray for Rosie Miller, hospitalized and undergoing testing. Pray for good results.
  • Comfort and peace for Melissa Replogle's sister-in-law, Kerry who is mourning the recent loss of both her brother and her mother. 

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please email Communications Manager, Amy Elder, at