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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests from this week

  • Peter and Deborah Muller, as Deborah is hospitalized with an undiagnosed febrile illness. 
  • The husband of Miriam Whitmer's friend, hospitalized with the flu and COVID-19. Prayers for a full recovery.
  • Pray for Helen Turner, having hip replacement surgery on June 9.
  • Bill and Norine Carter at the loss of Bill's mother, Janet Carter, on Sunday morning. 
  • All of Hope's (and the country's) police, first-responders, and other law enforcement officers during this dangerous time in the community. 
  • Please pray for Shawn & Melissa Replogle, Shawn is a camera man with the local news and having to work during dangerous times. Prayers for him and his family who worry. 
  • Cameron Hellmann, son of Clark and Michele Hellmann, having heart surgery on Wednesday, June 3 at Duke University Hospital. Pray for a successful outcome, and for guidance for the surgery team.
  • Isaiah, young friend of the Willers', hospitalized with a kidney problem. 
  • The birth of Lincon Christopher, grandson of Nick and Ruth Lassiter on May 26.
  • Comfort and peace to Nick Lassiter and family at the death of his mother on May 30.
  • Comfort and peace to Angie Meyer and family at the sudden death of her grandmother.
  • All of the seniors graduating, both college and high school.

Prayer Requests from May 31

  • Pray for Patti's family and friends, grieving her death on Wednesday.

  • Wesley Spottiswood's 25 year-old friend, Donyell Johnson, having surgery today and will be starting dialysis, awaiting a kidney donor and transplant. 

  • Please pray for Dick and Trudy Rogers and family, at the death of Dick's sister-in-law, Carol Rogers.