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Pastor Puls’ Reflection…Giving God Our Best

10.27.14 | News | by Pastor Wayne Puls

Pastor Puls’ Reflection…Giving God Our Best

    Pastor Puls’ Reflection…Giving God Our Best

    A number of years ago, a woman called the Butterball Turkey company hotline. "I have a turkey that's been sitting in my freezer for two years," she said. "Do you think it's still safe to eat?" "Well, ma'am, that's hard to say," replied the Butterball Turkey expert. "But, just to be safe, it might be wise not to eat that turkey." The caller responded, "Fine, then I guess I'll have to donate it to the church."

    Do you see any parallels between that ridiculous story and the story of your own relationship with God? Sometimes it's tempting for us to give God the left-overs:  left-over time, left-over energy, left-over resources. It's human nature, I'm convinced, to think about ourselves first. Most of us utilize our time, talents, and treasures to take care of our own needs, and those of our loved ones ... before we even think about God.

    Imagine if our Lord Jesus had taken the same approach on Good Friday. "Shall I take up my cross, endure a horrifying death, and bring salvation to a world of sinners? Or shall I protect myself, watch out for myself, and take care of my own needs first?"

    You know the choice Jesus made, right?  Our Savior put all thoughts of self-preservation aside, and gave his all for our forgiveness. When it comes to Christ's grace and mercy, there are no left-overs ... only the best!

    Every day, we face the same choice. Shall we continue to offer our time and talents grudgingly? Sparingly? Out of our left-over pile? Or we can learn, from Christ's example, to joyfully and cheerfully give back to God? Can we allow the Bible's teachings about "first fruits giving" to take root in our minds and hearts?  Can we ask the Holy Spirit to adjust our thinking, and help us to start utilizing more -- and maybe even the very best -- of we have been given by God to give him glory and to serve our neighbor?

    Try making November the month of "No Left-Overs!"

    Pastor Wayne Puls