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Narthex Piano Donated

10.27.14 | News | by Pastor Wayne Puls

Narthex Piano Donated

    Grand pianos don’t often drop in your lap … but the one in the Narthex did! Here’s the story.

    Since Hope’s new worship sanctuary was built, members of the church have been making private donations to a Piano Fund, separate from the church budget. Our plan is to eventually find a high-quality piano to be used in our worship services, and to replace the old electronic keyboard that’s been in use in the balcony. The Piano Fund has grown to a point where we have begun searching for an instrument. We recently looked at a Yamaha piano, owned by an individual in Greenville, NC. Unfortunately, the owner needed to have the piano moved by a certain date; and we felt that we needed more time to review other options. The Greenville owner then offered to donate this piano to the church.

    We plan to keep this piano in the Narthex, and have casters added, so that it can be moved up to the front of the worship sanctuary for the cantata, and occasionally at our regular worship services. In the meantime, the search goes on for a piano for the balcony. The funds donated for this specific purpose will be honored, and the donors' intentions respected. To God be the glory!