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    Weekend Volunteers Needed

    12.30.16 | by Hope Lutheran Church

    Weekend volunteers needed! It’s a new year at Hope! New services, new faces, and new volunteers are needed! Please consider serving your church this new year, your response to this need will share the blessing of service and reduce the...

      Pastor Puls' Reflection...Where Are You From?

      12.30.16 | by Pastor Wayne Puls

      Pastor Puls' Reflection...Where Are You From? A common question in our area is, "Where are you from?" As you know, a huge percentage of Wake Forest-area residents have moved here from other parts of the country. Many of our Hope members are...

        Happy Anniversary!

        11.30.16 | News | by Pastor Wayne Puls

        PASTOR PULS’ MESSAGE...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! What a great day that must have been, twenty years ago! Hope's first-ever worship service was held in December 1996, and I'm told that a joyful, exciting spirit filled the Stone Chapel on Wake...

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