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5-6 (Confirmation)

Welcome to 5 & 6 Grade Ministry at Hope! 

If you want to stay in the loop about all things 5-6th grade, please email Steve McCarthy at and pass along your cell phone number so I can add you to our text “Remind” group. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new 5th graders and for seeing the rising 6th graders again! 

 2019/20 Medical Release Form

February 9Boys Only and Girls Only Events 4:00-6:00pm
This February 9th we're mixing things up and having a special "Girls Only" event led by DCE Beth Agner and a special "Boys Only" event led by DCE Steve McCarthy. In February all too often the focus gets put on romantic love, so I want to help the kids step back from that pressure and focus on Jesus' love for them. 

The boys will be going to the Wake Forest Ninja Studio for some Epic American Ninja Warrior Training and the girls will be meeting up at Knack DIY Craft Studio for some awesome art action. Dads (or other male role models) are encouraged to join for the boys event and moms (or other female role models) are encouraged to join for the girls event! This will be a great opportunity for bonding with your kids. Both groups will be learning about how they are created in God's image -- Male and Female God created them. We want them to celebrate the wonderful masterpieces that God has crafted all of them into.

5-6 Grade Sunday School
Stop by the youth center from 9:45-10:45am to play games, create artistic masterpieces, make friends, and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. It will be a fun combo of learning, playing, and creating! And don’t forget to BARF (Bring a Real Friend)!


The Confirmation Program at Hope

Confirmation is a time in a young person's faith life when they confirm the promise made at their baptism. Hope's program is two years during 5 & 6 grades. However, each year we have 7-9 graders who connect to Hope and go through the program as well. Students focus on a Lutheran understanding of the Bible and use the Catechism as a guide.  

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