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Worship Services and Schedules

Worship is an opportunity for people to gather in joy, getting to know others as we share in expressions of praise and thanksgiving to God. Hope Lutheran is a congregation that is committed to worshipper-friendly style of ministry. We like diversity in music and worship forms. Hope Lutheran provides a printed order of service each week for guests and members. Children are invited to share in a special message designed just for them.

Children’s church is also offered during each service for ages 3 – Grade 2 offering children a special worship and teaching time while parents are focused on the Pastor’s message. Children return to sit after the message with their parents for the remainder of the worship service.
Come and experience the warmth and love of Christ through our Word and Sacrament Ministry. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Weekly Worship Schedule

Info Day Time
[+]  Saturday Praise & Worship Service 5:30pm
[+]  Sunday Services 8:30am / 11:00am
[+]  Sunday School and Bible Class 9:45am

Special Service Schedule

Info Day Time
* Midweek / Advent Lent Services 7:00pm
[+]  Christmas Eve Services 3:00pm / 5:00pm / * 7:00pm / *9:00pm/ 11:00pm
* Maundy Thursday Service 7:00pm
* Good Friday Service 7:30pm
* Easter Sunday Services 8:00am / 9:30am / 11:00am
* Thanksgiving Day Service 10:00am
A fully staffed nursery is provided for children 4 and under at all services.

Hope’s Services

WorshipHoly Communion is celebrated weekly at each celebration service. Hope asks all those who desire to share in Holy Communion to observe the following guidelines:
  • As Lutheran Christians, we believe Christ’s body and blood are truly present with the bread and wine, offering forgiveness of sins to all who believe in Jesus Christ. We ask those who commune to share this unity of faith in Christ and understanding of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Since the Scripture teaches that we are “to examine ourselves before eating of the bread and drinking of the cup” (1 Corinthians 11:28), if you are not certain of the meaning of Holy Communion or have not been baptized or instructed in the Christian faith, please speak with one of the Pastors before communing.
  • First Communion is ordinarily offered at Hope Church to youth after confirmation in the 6th grade. Children and youth who have not been confirmed may come to the alter to receive a blessing.