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Our Church Blog - Whose Hands Are You In?

Whose Hands Are You In?

Posted by Wayne Puls on with 2 Comments

I like to think that my faith in God is pretty strong. Often, it is. But, sometimes – and usually, it’s when the rubber’s hitting the road, and my faith is being put to the test in very practical, life-related ways – actually trusting God, instead of trusting myself, is pretty hard. To be honest with you, I’m still learning to live a life of genuine, complete trust in God. Maybe you are, too.

I came across this little devotional piece recently, and spent some time thinking about how easy it is for me to forget that my life is in God’s hands. Maybe you can do the same.

  • A basketball in my hands is worth about $15. In LeBron James’ hands, it’s worth about $35 million. It depends whose hands it’s in.
  • A tennis racket is pretty much useless in my hands. In Serena Williams’ hands, it’s likely to win a championship. It depends on whose hands it’s in.
  • A sling shot in my hands is a kids’ toy. In David’s hands (facing Goliath), it’s a mighty weapon. It depends on whose hands it’s in.
  • Two fish and five loaves of bread in my hands is a couple of fish sandwiches. In God’s hands they’ll feed thousands. It depends on whose hands they’re in.
  • Nails in my hands might produce a crooked birdhouse. In Jesus Christ’s hands they produced salvation for the entire world. It depends on whose hands they’re in.
  • Whose hands are you in? Put your concerns, worries, fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, families, and relationships in God’s hands. It definitely depends on whose hands you’re in!

In God’s strong, loving hands,

Pastor Wayne Puls



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CLAUDIA VAN HOOK Jun 2, 2018 11:49am

So good to be reminded of because it’s sooo hard to do!

Elizabeth Lopez Jul 2, 2018 1:03pm

This came at just the right time for us to see. I wouldn’t think that as a pastor you’d have this same issue as us. It’s realy hard to give up the control we ‘think we’ have and trust completely in Jesus, even though we know it intellectually. Thank you for this.