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Welcome To Hope!

Posted by Wayne Puls on

Early this month, one of my favorite days of the year will take place. On September 10, I’ll be standing in front of our New Member Class. Welcoming newcomers to our church family is a tremendous joy for me, as a pastor. I am eagerly looking forward to getting to know many of the visitors who’ve been worshipping at Hope this summer.

If you’re new to Hope, I want to share with you my view of what’s unique and distinctive about our church. Seven specific answers!

  • Welcoming and accepting – we want to get to know you just as you are, and meet you where you’re at. No super-Lutheran doctrinal test applied on your way in the door!
  • Values children & youth –  you’ll find a lot of kids around here, and you’ll see many activities and programs for young Christians. Hope’s a young congregation, and we’re serious about providing a place where kids can come to know Jesus.
  • Embraces our communitywe are committed to carrying the Word and love of Jesus outside our walls. Hope members are involved in twenty-one different community-based ministries.
  • Connects via small groupsin a large congregation, it’s essential to have settings where individuals can build friendships. Over forty small groups meet regularly at Hope, and I’m sure there’s one for you.
  • Centered on Word & Sacrament worshipour teachings and practices are Bible-based, and so are our worship services. As Lutherans, we rejoice weekly in the grace God shares through his Word and the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion.
  • Supports Christ’s mission – we share our time, talents, and treasures joyfully to carry on the work Christ has given us to do. This is a generous church, and our people are blessed by God in many ways.
  • Promotes discipleship and Christian growth – every member of Hope, young and old, has many opportunities to grow in their knowledge, understanding, and application of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. You’re on a journey with the Lord, and we’d love to have you join us in our journey!

See you in church!

Pastor Wayne Puls


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