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Our Church Blog - The Value of Visitors

The Value of Visitors

Posted by Wayne Puls on

At our weekend worship services at Hope, I thoroughly enjoy connecting and conversing with our church members. They are a constant joy for me, as a pastor! Even more enjoyable, though, is the opportunity to meet and greet newcomers to our congregation.

We see a lot of visitors each week at Hope, and every single one is a blessing. Pastor Lew and I wish we could remember every single name, and really get to know each guest at Hope. Please forgive us when it takes a little while to make a name-face connection! We value your presence in our church, and we genuinely look forward to getting to know you better.

When it comes to visitors, our goal, as pastors, is never to twist your arm to join the church. We’re not going to chase after you, or try to coerce you to become a Lutheran. We simply want to hear more about your story, to learn from you about your faith journey, and to offer any help that we or the people of Hope can provide. No strings, no agenda, no pressure!

With all that in mind, we’re trying something new at Hope this month. All visitors (including our wonderful long-time, regular visitors) are invited to an informal opportunity to “Meet the Pastors.” We’ll have a pot of coffee ready, and look forward to sharing a relaxed conversation with you. If you have any questions about Hope, or if you’d just like to get to know the pastors a bit better, we’d value the chance to talk with you. Join me and Pastor Lew in my office (Room 207) on Sunday, July 22, 9:45 AM.

Thanks for visiting Hope Lutheran Church!

Pastor Wayne Puls




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