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Take Some Time

Posted by Wayne Puls on

I want to invite you to take some time this month for two very special spiritual tasks. We’re all busy, I know. We’re all stretched for time. But join me, along with our staff and lay leaders, and the rest of the congregation to take some time in these two important endeavors.

First, take some time to repent of your sins and thank God for his Son’s sacrifice. Do you have time for that? Take time for worship (Imposition of Ashes, Scripture, and Communion) on Ash Wednesday, February 14. This unique, powerful worship service will be time well-spent, if you – like me – are a sinner in need of God’s grace. Then take time with the Lord, each weekend and each Wednesday, during the season of Lent. Be faithful in your worship, and be diligent in your devotion, as God is always faithful to you and diligent in his care for you. During Lent we’ll be exploring the incredible story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and delving in to the many life applications of these sacred events. Take some intentional, focused, disciplined time this year during Lent to worship your Savior, and to bring your sins to the cross of Christ.

Second, take some time to pray for your church, and the mission that we share here at Hope. Can you make some extra time this? I am reminded every day, when I drive in the community, of the many new families and recent retirees who are streaming into our area. How can we work together to reach more people in our community for Christ? Pray about that, please. Talk to the Lord about what Hope can do, and about what you can do. Pray for one more need, please. Pray for two young men who are serving our church in a special way. On January 28, Hope’s Congregational Assembly voted to extend sacred, solemn calls to our current Director of Christian Education (DCE) Interns, Steve McCarthy and Wesley Spottiswood, to serve as permanent members of our ministry team here at Hope. Upon formal acceptance of these calls, and upon completion of their internship year at the end of May, Steve and Wesley will be installed as DCE’s and begin service as called staff members in our congregation. Thanks be to God! Pray for these servants of God, for their work in our youth ministry and other congregational mission areas, for all the youth of our church, and for the congregation’s efforts to reach more people in our community for Christ.

Take some time this month, and may God bless the time he gives you!


In Christ,
Pastor Wayne Puls



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