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Moving Forward

Posted by Wayne Puls on

If you’ve been around Hope during the past month, you’ve probably seen our two Director of Christian Education (DCE) interns in action. Steve McCarthy & Wesley Spottiswood arrived in Wake Forest June 1, and they’re both off to a great start. They’re engaged in ministry, enthused to be part of the Hope ministry team, and excited to be out of the classroom and putting their learning to practical use.

This month, we’re welcoming a new vicar, as well – a pastoral intern. Caleb Weight comes to us from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and will spend the coming year engaged in hands-on pastoral training in our congregation.

What’s with all the interns?

Hope has some very important, timely, God-given ministry opportunities right now. We have a great many newcomers moving into our community daily. We have visitors checking out our church weekly. We have nearby residents of our state struggling to rebound from Hurricane Matthew’s devastation, and in need of care.

To put it very simply, Hope needs to keep moving forward. We’re asking our two DCE interns and our vicar to help the other members of our staff engage the congregation and the community in several areas of mission and ministry.

  • Strengthen Hope’s community-based ministries and small group ministries
  • Lay groundwork for a new young adult ministry
  • Expand Hope’s men’s ministries
  • Improve and expand our youth and confirmation ministries
  • Participate in hospital/home visitations, and adult education classes
  • Increase the congregation’s visitor follow-up activities
  • Research and develop a new mission trip opportunity for Hope members
  • Help coordinate congregational, regional, and national disaster response in Lumberton

We’ll be working on these, and many other exciting ministry areas, as a congregation in the year ahead. I’m thankful for our interns, but thankful also for the wonderful people of Hope who are proclaiming and living the Word and love of Christ! To God be the glory in our church, as we keep moving forward in mission.


Pastor Wayne Puls



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