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Hope's Leaders

Posted by Wayne Puls on

Hope's Leaders

Hope is definitely a lively, vigorous congregation! Do you know where all of this energy comes from? God has provided many awesome leaders for our church. We have a great ministry staff; but I am deeply thankful that the Lord has also raised up a multitude of committed, effective leaders from within the congregation, as well. The Spirit of God provides many different types of leadership within the church, and I am overjoyed to  see his leadership gifts employed at Hope daily.

 We have hundreds of "official" and "unofficial" lay leaders who serve in a wide variety of areas that are crucial in our church, including the following.

  • community service and outreach ministries
  • children's and youth ministries
  • Christian education ministries
  • worship and music ministries
  • mission trips, disaster response, and servant events
  • small group and support group ministries
  • men's and women's ministries
  • fellowship ministries
  • Christian care and prayer ministries
  • administration and governance
  • facilities maintenance

These talented, devoted individuals bring a tremendous amount of energy to our church, as we carry out our God-given mission. Along with our staff, I am grateful for each and every one. They are a true blessing. God has an amazing way of providing exactly the type of leaders we need! Please pray with thanksgiving for the many, many volunteer leaders here at Hope.

I ask you to pray, also, for the members of our congregation's Ministry Leadership Team for 2018-19. These individuals were elected at our recent Congregational Assembly, and will work closely with the pastors to guide and influence Hope's overall ministry direction.

  • Rik Rasmussen, Chair
  • Peter Muller, Vice Chair
  • Eric Arner, Secretary
  • Megan Baldwin
  • Sarah Crawford
  • David Critchley
  • Jonathan Habers
  • Michelle Hellmann
  • Craig Helmers
  • Bill Jay
  • Maurice Samuels
  • Emily Smathers


Ever thankful for Hope's outstanding leaders,

Pastor Wayne Puls



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