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Beginning Our Journey at Hope Lutheran Church…

Finding Hope has been a lifelong dream for myself and an exciting beginning for my 3 young children.

I grew up in a home with no formal religion. I remember always wishing that my family attended a church. As I grew older I knew that I wanted to be a Christian and have a relationship with Jesus, but I was intimidated and uncertain about how to find a church. For many years I have attended various churches with wonderful friends of mine, but I always felt like a guest in someone else’s church. Until now. In the spring I began Hope’s new member class. When I realized I would miss 4 of the 10 classes due to previous commitments, I still kept coming. Even if I failed new member class I was not going to give up! By the end of the 10 week program I realized my prayers had been answered. I had found a church. I was baptized on New Member Weekend and will remember it as one of the most beautiful and moving moments of my life. My children will be baptized soon and they have expressed their joy and excitement to have faith in their lives. Even my husband, who was raised Lutheran, is getting involved.

The people of Hope are warm, welcoming, and friendly. Everyone I have spoken to has been encouraging and supportive. Most of all, Pastor Wagner and Pastor Cosgrove are approachable, sincere, wonderful teachers, and quite humorous to boot. I am so thankful that God led our family to Hope. It is the perfect place for us to begin our new journey ”

Lisa Briggs

“I joined Hope Lutheran because when you are among the members you feel the Lord. They radiate with God’s love, peace, forgiveness and joy. You know that ‘Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this place.’ Everyone is friendly and helpful. They profess how God is working in their lives and want to share this with you.”

Rosie Miller

I have been a missouri synod lutheran since being batized as an infant and receiving 15 yrs of missouri synod schooling. I’m now 64yrs old.

Hope provides me with all the sound doctrine and scripture I have studied and believe in my entire life. Hope Lutheran Church gives me a home with other missouri synod lutherans who practice and live their faith as I desire a try to do(not an easy thing to do most of the time).

Hope Lutheran Church provides me with the opportunity for continuning bible study, to serve on boards and committees and a wide variety of other ways to serve lord and the community. my family is now grown and adult, but I rejoice and praise the lord for things he is doing with our youth through hope and the wonderfull youth staff they have.

If any christian needs a place to feel safe, comfortable, and loved, Hope Lutheran Church is a home for them

Yours In Christ,

Ralph Swearingen

My family and I visited Hope in search of a new church home! Once we visited, there was no turning back! We feel so welcomed and at home. We honestly love the preaching!! The Pastors are truly gifted, we enjoy the sermons so much, and yes, we are excited to go to church! ”

Mark,Cathy,Brooke, & Wiley Foil

“Why did we join Hope, well we have known Pastor Wagner for a long time. Even when we where just visitors from Knoxville. Now what is the difference between being a regular visitor or a member? If you are a member of a Family you can go to the fridge and help yourself. If you are a Visitor you have to wait and see if someone will offer you something. Now isn’t that a good reason to become a Member?

We too have a very special bond even without saying a word. I am so glad I’m here. “


Everyone is really welcoming
Good/strong youth program
Lots of service projects/opportunities
The sermons and services are interesting and fun

I feel closer to God since I have been attending Hope and I want that to continue

We were seeking a Missouri synod church which better reflected our values. After visiting Hope we were so impressed with the STRONG PASTORAL STAFF that we chose to join.
The Sermons are AWESOME!!! We never leave thinking “what was that about?”

The Staff and Members at Hope are focused on God’s work, outreach and love. It is not alot of talk – it is alot of doing

The staff is focused on the teaching the Word of God and the Work of Christ, not the Word of Man and what is the social norm. This is the type of community we want our family to be a part of to grow in faith and serve

Julie Bowling

Our family’s journey to Hope has been long and winding over the last ten years. My wife and I grew up in different denominations, but we joined the Lutheran Church together when we got married in 1998. Since then we’ve had two children, Lizzie (8) and Daniel (5), had multiple career changes and relocated twice from the Northeast and finally ended-up in Wake Forest in 2007. We had decided to make a bold move and left all of our family and friends behind. We didn’t realize at the time how all of life’s challenges would gradually push our family away from the Church. Times have changed, not only had we lost touch with God, but we had also lost the feeling of community that we grew-up with. I had long had the feeling that something was missing in our lives.

When we were first looking to move to Wake Forest, our hearts leaped when we saw a sign in front of the Church that said “Hope”. In the three years since, we have casually attended service and activities at the Church. We have always felt the warm and welcoming embrace of the members of Hope each time we were there. We were looking forward to getting our children involved in the activities of the Church.

However this past year we experienced some unusual hardship. It took some deep introspection to get through that tough situation. I had always been the type to think that God was too busy to help me, but I personally turned to Faith to help me get through those heavy times. When things seemed to be at their most difficult, something would always happen to make it better. It wasn’t just coincidence, it was Divine. It was also what lead us back to Hope

With that renewal in Faith, my wife and I committed to formally joining Hope Lutheran Church, becoming proud members this Spring. We have both felt extremely comfortable in learning the philosophies of Hope Lutheran Church and its commitment to proclaiming and living the Word and Love of Jesus Christ. We consider this only the beginning of our new relationship with God and with Hope and we are looking forward to “building Hope for years to come!”


Chris & Sharon Leary

We were drawn to Hope Lutheran by a warm, welcoming community, inspiring sermons that urge living life boldly on behalf of Christ, and community outreach opportunities. Since joining Hope, we have found the topics offered in Adult Education are thought provoking and help strengthen our faith.

The Marriage and Family Ministry offers program topics and tools to support couples and families. The Women’s Ministry offers opportunities to connect with friends and have fun too.

Hope is committed to touching lives in the community and we are excited about being part of it.

Jim and Melanie Barker

I first attended Hope for an Easter service. I liked the warm welcoming spirit I felt when visiting. It took a while for me to come back and visit Hope again however every time I visited the same sense of belonging was felt. I decided to take the membership classes to really decide if my faith could grow through attending Hope. Throughout the membership classes Pastor Wagner commented on more than one occasion that “people don’t really join denominations, they join congregations”. I believe that Hope is the denomination and the congregation I was meant to join. As the worship space at Hope has grown I feel my faith and trust that God is leading me down the correct path and will grow with as well. I believe now more than ever that with Hope all things are possible.