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Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24

“The biblical perspective on man and woman resembles a patterned tapestry, woven with multicolored threads both alike and different. Within the Creator’s design, man and woman share a common human nature. They also differ in significant ways. In their sameness yet difference they interrelate beautifully—most intimately within the one-flesh union of marriage. The Creator “weaves” one man and one woman into a pattern that produces a rich harmony to His glory and their good.”

(From A Report of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations—The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod “The Creator’s Tapestry” pg 5)

The statistics are astounding – more than 45% of marriages fail within the first 7 years. Hope’s Marriage Ministry’s purpose is to lower that statistic
P.E.R. God’s DesignMarriage Ministry
Prepare: If you desire to be married at Hope some prerequisites must be met:

  • Meet the presiding pastor
  • Meet one time with Hope’s certified counselor who has donated her time to offer pre-marriage advice
  • Become connected with a Mentor couple up to the point of marriage and 1 year beyond
Enrich: Marriages survive when they are strengthened and equipped to handle life’s challenges. That is done through Hope’s:

  • Bible Study classes on Sundays and Wednesday nights
  • Annual Retreats
  • Seminars/Web Casts
  • Other events and materials issued
Restore: This part of the ministry helps mend brokenness and also comforts those going through divorce:

  • Counseling is available through the pastoral staff and through referred certified counselors for those trying to piece their marriage back together.
  • Sometimes divorce is unavoidable and so programs for adults as well as children are available