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Adult Education

Sunday Morning Class: Connections

Dates: August 5 - September 2 from 9:45-10:45AM
Location: Adult Education floor, room 301
Leaders: Pastor Lew, Dr. Peter Muller, and Jack Pizzolato
The “Connections” Bible study takes a deeper look at the weekend’s sermon text and explores ways in which it might connect to our lives today. In conjunction with our August Sermon Series, Abraham: A Journey of Faith, the “Connections” class will focus on texts from the book of Genesis.


Free Evening Summer Seminars

Dates: August 12-13 from 6:30-8:30PM
Location: Resurrection Lutheran Church (100 W. Lochmere, Cary)
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August 12 Seminar: Two Kingdom Engagement of the Culture  for the Sake of the Mission of the Church
An overview to the practical, theology reasons for the Church’s engagement of the culture. We’ll unpack the words of Jesus, “give to Caesar what is Caesars, and to give to God what is God’s,” as well as the words of Romans where Christians are called to “submit to the authorities.” 

August 13 Seminar: Religious Liberty in America: Concerns, Trends, Victories and Engagement
We will look at various Supreme Court cases in the last decade which have challenged the Church’s voice in the public square. We’ll discuss the concerns, trends, defeats and victories, and what they mean for the sake of our public witness of the truths of the Scriptures as well as the public proclamation of the Gospel.