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Adult Education

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings, 9:45-10:45am; Visitors welcome! 
Those Heretical Heresies will continue until March 31, 2019


The Temptation of Christ
Class Dates: April 7 & 14
Location: Adult Education floor, room 300
Leader: Dr. Peter Muller
Temptation has been the theme of our Lenten sermon series. It’s a challenging topic, to say the least, but is the daily reality of all of our lives. And yet, through faith, we are joined to the perfect Son who has done what we cannot do on our own. As the season of Lent concludes, you are invited to take a closer look at this most significant event—the temptation of Christ.

The Resurrection
Class Dates: April 28
Location: Adult Education floor, room 300
Leader: Jack Pizzolato
We rejoice in Jesus’ victory every Easter. But do we appreciate the immensity of what we celebrate? Scripture calls the resurrection a “victory” over death that Jesus wins for us; without it we would “perish” (1 Cor.15:18,57). The more we understand the magnitude of his victory, to more we begin to grasp the great hope and joy that belongs to us as people of the risen Lord.