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Use It Or Lose It

07.16.14 | Stewardship | by Hope Lutheran Church

    “Use it or lose it!”

    Have you heard that saying? We’ve all have heard it, and may have said it to family and friends; but we all need to make sure we apply it to our own lives, as well.

    As summertime approaches, there are many activities pulling us in all directions. Outdoor sporting events, social events, musical events, the lake, camping, the beach, the mountains, hiking, service/mission trips, VBS, outreach and inreach opportunities at Hope … the list is never ending!

    God has given us all different gifts to use to be a witness to all in the world, to care for the world he created, to be the hands and feet of Christ. The challenge for us is to “use it or lose it!”

    As the summer season approaches, think of new ways to use the incredible gifts God has given you to further his kingdom on earth. Then step out in faith, and act!

    Romans 12: 5-8