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Pastor Puls' Reflection...Who's Really In Control?

07.31.14 | News | by Pastor Wayne Puls

Pastor Puls

    Who’s Really In Control?

    One of my all-time favorite Bible characters is Jacob. We read his story in the Old Testament book of Genesis. Jacob was a real piece of work! He was sneaky, devious, and conniving; and, yet, Jacob was God’s piece of work. The Lord saw something redeemable in Jacob, and continued to work on him through the years.

    One night, when Jacob was at a real low point, God made a promise to him. “I am the Lord your God,” he said. “I will give you this land where you are lying,” he promised. “I will give you many descendants. I will bless all the peoples of the earth through your descendants. I will watch over you. I will never leave you until all that I have promised has come true.” God promised Jacob everything!

    Jacob’s response? “Well, OK, God,” he said. “If you will be with me, and if you will watch over me, and if you’ll give me food and clothing and safe travel, then you can be my God.” Jacob had a hard time, you see, with trust. Many of us do, as well. Jacob wanted to dictate all the terms of his relationship with the Lord. “If you do this, this, and this, then you will be my God.” Meanwhile, God had already promised him, “I’ll do this, this, and this.” You can read the Bible story for yourself in Genesis 28:10-22.

    Sometimes it’s hard for us humans to let go of the controls, and to really allow God to be God. We say, “God is my co-pilot.” Guess what? God doesn’t want to be your co-pilot! He wants to switch seats with you! He wants for his people to give up the controls to him.

    That was certainly the case with Jacob. God spent many years shaping and molding Jacob’s character. In the end, Jacob did learn to trust God more. We can, too!

    So put your trust today in the God who promises you every blessing. Put your trust today in the God who gave his Son to die for you. Put your trust in the God who wants to change you, and guide your life. Put your trust in the God of Jacob, who with love and compassion is shaping your life every day!

    God bless you and keep you this day,

    Pastor Wayne Puls