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    The Cheerful Giver

    05.18.15 | News | by Hope Lutheran Church

     The Cheerful Giver The cheerful giver is the Christian who simply stops every so often to realize just how much God has done for him/her, and then finds a way to say a heartfelt “Thank you, Lord.” God’s chief requirement...

      Pastor Puls' Reflection...Starting Over

      05.01.15 | by Pastor Wayne Puls

      Pastor Puls' Message...Starting Over What was it like the first time you left home? Maybe you were headed to college, or to the military. Perhaps it was a new job, or a marriage. Think back to how it felt for you to pick up and move to a new...

        Pastor Puls' Refection...My Favorite Week!

        03.30.15 | by Pastor Wayne Puls

        Pastor Puls' Reflection...My Favorite Week! Dear Friends in Christ, My favorite week of the year is about to happen! It’s the week before Easter. Known in the church as “Holy Week,” we spend extra quality time with the Lord in...

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